Several awards, prizes and distinctions were attributed, nationally and internationally, to the institution, its researchers and their initiatives.


Ana Lopes Ribeiro: Daniel Jouvance award attributed by the Council of the Institut de France.

Ana Lopes: Prémio Pulido Valente 2012 award.

Goncalves IC, Martins MCL, Barbosa JN, Oliveira P, Barbosa MA, Ratner BD: Platelet and leukocyte adhesion to albumin binding self-assembled monolayers. Journal of Materials Science-Materials in Medicine 2011, 22(9):2053-2063, was selected as the best paper published in Journal of Materials Science-Materials in Medicine, in 2011.

Diogo Mosqueira: awarded the PLENARY PRESENTATION 1ST PRIZE EX-AEQUO for the work "MECHANOTRANSDUCTION IN CARDIAC STEM CELLS: ROLE OF YAP/TAZ IN THE CELLULAR RESPONSE TO THE MICROENVIRONMENT". MOSQUEIRA, D.; PAGLIARI,S.; UT0, K.; Ó, PERPÉTUA DO; AYOAGI, T.; FORTE, G. in the Plenary Session during the 7th YES Meeting 2012 held at the Faculty of Medicine of Porto, Portugal, from the 14th to the 16th September 2012.

Ana Pinto: Best Poster Award at the European Macrophage and Dendritic Cell Society 26th Annual Meeting (EMDS 2012) September 1-3, Debrecen, Hungary. Effect of Radiotherapy on Macrophage Behaviour. AT Pinto, MT Pinto, H Osório, ML Pinto, AP Cardoso, AR Figueira, AR Monteiro, M Marques, M Mareel, R Seruca, MA Barbosa and MJ Oliveira.

Cátia Lopes: Best Poster Award at Bioimaging 2012 - 1st International Symposium in Applied Bioimaging Bridging Development and Application, September 20-21, Porto, Portugal. In vivo targeted gene delivery to sensorial neurons mediated by non-viral vectors. C.D.F. Lopes, H. Oliveira, I. Carvalho, L. Pires, F. Mar, D. Rocha, A.P. Pêgo.

Fabiola Moutinho: the article “Covalent immobilization of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) onto biomaterial surfaces” was considered by the Editor-in-Chief of Acta Biomaterialia, as one of the six High Quality Articles. Costa F, Carvalho IF, Montelaro RC, Gomes P, Ma. Covalent immobilization of antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) onto biomaterial surfaces. Acta Biomaterialia

Susana Santos - SPI Honorable Mention at the XXXVIII Annual Meeting of the Portuguese Society of Immunology From Immune Disorders to Immunotherapies, with the poster, A. Silva, M.I. Oliveira, C.R. Almeida, M.A. Barbosa and S.G. Santos. Resveratrol inhibits the pro-inflammatory phenotype and function induced by TNF-a on human dendritic cells.

Ana Freire - Crioestaminal Award for Best Poster Communicationwith the work “A cell-line model system for mouse cardiac progenitor cells”, Freire AG, Nascimento DS, Forte G; Valente M, Resende TP, Guedes JG, Carvalho I, Fernandes R, Di Nardo P, Pinto-do-Ó P, presented  at the 7th International Meeting of the Portuguese Society for Stem Cells and Cell Therapies (SPCE-TC), Porto, Portugal, Abril 2012 (26-27).


Ana Filipa Lourenço. Best Poster Award, 1st "Interrogations at the Biointerface: The cancer/regeneration interface" Advanced Summer School, Porto, 20-24th June, 2011. Ana F. Lourenço, Raquel M. Gonçalves, Pedro L. Granja ,Cristina C. Barrias. Behavior of 3D cultured hMSC under basal and osteogenic conditions.

Best oral communication for Arteiro D, Ayres-de-Campos D, Costa-Santos C, Bernardes J. Prize for at 19º Congresso Português Ginecologia e Obstetrícia, Porto, Portugal, 16-19 March 2011.

Aurélio Campilho, Panel for Medical Engineering, Academy of Finland – Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering, Committee member of General research Grants and Postdoctoral Researcher's Projects, Helsinki, March 2011.

Catarina Almeida. Best Poster Award, 1st "Interrogations at the Biointerface: The cancer/regeneration interface" Advanced Summer School, Porto, 20-24th June, 2011. Catarina R. Almeida, D. P. Vasconcelos, M. A. Barbosa. Human Natural Killer Cells Stimulate Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Recruitment.

Cristina Barrias. Best poster award at 2nd I3S Scientific Retreat. Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal, May 5-6, 2011. Fonseca KB, Maia FR, Lourenço AF, Cruz FA, Granja PL, Barrias CC, Alginate hydrogels as versatile artificial microenvironments for 3d cell culture: an overview.

Maria de Fátima Pina. Epidemiology and variability of orthopaedic procedures worldwide. 2nd Best Instructional Lecture, 12th EFFORT Congress, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2nd June 2011.

Mário Barbosa, Medalha de Mérito do Distrito do Porto. Governo Civil do Porto. This prize aims to distinguish institutions and personalities that contributed to the development of the region and is included on the commemoration of the 120 years of the January thirty first revolutionary movements that conduced Portugal into a Republican Government.

Pedro L Granja. YSF Excellence Award, for the Young Scientists Forum of the ESB. Biofuture 2011. Ghent, Belgium: Nov 16, 2011.

Prize for best poster at Chronic Disease, IEA World Congress of Epidemiology, Edinburgh, Scotland, 7–11 Aug 2011. Ribeiro AI, Pina MF. High-risk areas of CHD in a low incidence European country.


Mariana Valente: 1st Prize Poster Post Graduate Presentation at the “V YES Meeting” “Drawing-up the cardiac stem cell(s) niche under normalcy vs. myocardial infarction”. Porto, Portugal: September 24-26, 2010. Valente M, Nascimento D, Freire A, Carvalho I, Zilhão N, Caiado F, Abreu C, Oliveira MJ, Dias S and Pinto do Ó P co-authors

Raquel Maia: Best Poster Award at the 11th Edition of the "Trends in NanoTechnology" “Development of nanostructured 3D matrices to direct mesenchymal stem cells behavior”. International Conference (TNT2010). Braga, Portugal: September 06-10, 2010. F.R. Maia, K. Fonseca, P.L. Granja, C.C. Barrias co-authors


Susana Guerreiro and Sidónio Freitas (from the Biointerfaces Laboratory): Best Oral Award and Best Poster Award respectively, at the 22nd European Conference on Biomaterials (ESB2009) for their work “Modulation of cells behavior when immobilized in RGD-alginate”, S. Guerreiro, M. A. Barbosa, R. Soares, P.L. Granja and “Immobilization of thrombin inhibitors on self-assembled monolayers (SAMs): Effect on the adsorption and activity of thrombin”, S. C. Freitas, M.A. Barbosa and M.C.L. Martins.

"Best Poster Award at Materiais 2009" - winner of Session 3: poster no. 424 "Friction behaviour of PHEMA/PMMA hydrogels for articular cartilage.". Lopes JL, Rybolova P, Granja PL, Gomes JR.

Alexandre Quintanilha, Mário Barbosa and Sobrinho Simões: prize “Seeds of Science” "Consagração". The Science and Technology Minister, present at the ceremony where the prizes Seeds of Science where awarded to researchers of ten scientific areas, in his speech strengthen that science does not exist without recognition.

I3S: “Corino de Andrade 2009” award. This prize aims at annually distinguish people or institutions that render relevant services to Medicine or to Portuguese medical doctors.


Professors João Bernardes and Diogo Ayres de Campos, Obstetricians, Professors at the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP) and Researchers at INEB: Considered, respectively, the first and third top authors in the world in the field of Cardiotocography “Continuous monitoring of fetal heart rate and uterine contractions) by the online Scientific Community BioMedExperts. The president of the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, was considered number two.

Diana Nascimento: Best student award (exam + protocol) at the course of Ciências de Animais de Laboratório 2008.

Raquel Gonçalves: Best Poster Award on 9th Advanced Summer Course in Cell-Material Interactions, Porto, 16-20 June, 2008.


I. Gonçalves: Best research work published in the area "Physics and Engineering - Applications to the study of disease and medical practice""Prémio Pulido Valente Ciência 2006" , whose first author is under 35 years old. The awarded paper was "Protein adsorption of 18 alkyl chains immobilized on hydroxyl-terminated self-assembled monolayers", published in the journal "Biomaterials".

M. Grellier, R. Bareille, C. Bourget, N. Ferreira Tojais, P. Granja, M. Barbosa, J. Amédée: Prize for best presentation at European Cells and Materials VIII - Bone “Tissue Engineering Cell cooperation between osteoprogenitor and endothelial cells: its function on bone tissue engineering”.

P. Granja: Elected Member of the Advisory Board of the Young Scientists Forum, an initiative of the ESB.

S. Teixeira, S.M. Oliveira, M.P. Ferraz and F.J. Monteiro: Best Poster Award at Bioceramics 20. “Three Dimensional Macroporous Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering”

S. Pinto: 1ª Menção Honrosa (1st Honorable Mention) for his work "Síntese e caracterização de bio-compósitos condutores a partir de nanopartículas de polipirrole e de policaprolactona", SPM (Sociedade Portuguesa de Materiais/Portuguese Materials Society) The prize was awarded on November 7th, at the World Materials Day. His work was supervised by Prof. Carlos Fonseca and Dr. Ana Paula Pêgo.


M. Barbosa: Nominated “Chairperson” of the Awards Committee of ESB (European Society for Biomaterials) in September 2006.

P. Granja: “Jean Leray Award” of the European Society for Biomaterials. This award is established to recognize, encourage and stimulate outstanding research contributions in the field of biomaterials, by young scientists.

Prize “Professor Carlos Lima 2006”, The communication “Bone Ingrowth in Macroporous Bonelike® for Orthopedic Applications”, M. Gutierres, M. A. Lopes, S. Hussein, A.F. Lemos, J. M. Ferreira, A. Afonso, T. Cabral, L. Almeida, J.D. Santos.

C. Barrias: “European Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Doctoral Award (EBTEDA)” of the European Society for Biomaterials.

L. Pires: “Best Poster Awards (one of the two) of the 7th Advanced Summer Course in Cell-Material Interaction- Regenerative Medicine”, June 19-23, Porto, Portugal.


M. Barbosa: Nominated “Secretary General” of the International Society for Ceramics in Medicine in December 2005

S. Sousa, “Best Oral Presentation”, "Human fibronectin adsorption on TiO2 from single protein solutions". by the ESB (European Society for Biomaterials), S.R. Sousa, P. Moradas Ferreira, M.A. Barbosa, co-authors.

I. Gonçalves: Best Oral Presentation” Molecularly Designed Surfaces for Albumin Selective Adsorption” by the (European Society for Biomaterials) I.C. Gonçalves, M.C.L. Martins, E. Naeemi, M.A. Barbosa, B.D. Ratner co-authors.



I. Amaral: “Special Oral Award”, “In vitro Mineralisation of Chitosan Membranes Carrying Phosphate Functionalities” at Bioceramics 16, International Society for Ceramics in Medicine.

C. Botelho: “Special Poster Award”, "Biological and Physical-Chemical Characterization of Phase Pure HA and SISubstituted Hydroxyapatatite by Different Microscopy Techniques" at  Bioceramics 16, International Society for Ceramics in Medicine.


C. Carvalho (presenter), and J. Goodwin (co-author), “Third prize for abstract presentation” "Graphical and mathematical representation of congenital heart disease," Meeting of the Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM), May 10-11, 2002, Santander, Spain.


M. Barbosa: “George Winter Award” of the European Society for Biomaterials, the ESB award for outstanding work of established researchers.

C. Carvalho: “Best abstract” presented in the international scientific meeting on “Educative simulation in medicine of the Society of Europeans for Simulation Applied to Medicine – SESAM”, in Scotland. The work presented was done under the supervision of Willem van Meurs.


M. Barbosa was nominated Fellow of the International Union of Societies for Biomaterials Science and Engineering.

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