Science and Society Projects
  • Science Ambassadors

    IBMC•INEB researchers go to schools to cooperate with students and their teachers by giving talks about specific scientific themes or science careers. Every so often, science ambassadors return to their former schools. Do you know if there is any IBMC•INEB researcher that has studied in your school? Why don’t you invite him? All the information about the ambassador's is available at the IBMC.INEB SCHOOLS website. You can follow ambassador’s activities on facebook.


  • High School Visits

    The IBMC•INEB has an extensive and diverse selection of high school visits to our laboratories and core facilities, in which students can get in touch with the research being developed here. Some visits are more theoretical and thus adapted for an entire class; some are more practical and therefore only suitable for a small group of students. The themes range from immunology, microbiology, neurosciences, molecular and structural biology, biomaterials, and genetics. Every year IBMC•INEB receives more than 800 students from all over the country.


  • Biomedical Engineering goes to School

    The initiative - Biomedical Engineering goes to School - started in 2004, with the aim of increasing the awareness of high school students to the field of biomedical engineering and science in general. With the aid of a slide show and an itinerary exhibition of implants and medical devices, INEB researchers introduce students to the biomedical engineering field and to the research work that is being developed at INEB.

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