Science and Society Projects
  • Tutorials

    This project allows students to develop a real scientific research work oriented by scientists alongside their regular teachers. It involves students raising questions and hypotheses, testing and revising these hypotheses based on experiments and observations, and presenting the conclusions to others. It is a form of experimental and investigative science learning that can support students to develop their understanding of the methods, outcomes and uses of science.


  • BiomedicalImplants

    This project intended to create a bilingual Internet page, Portuguese and English, containing information about selected key subjects in biomaterials sciences and to develop facilities to provide online conferences, in order to allow worldwide students and teachers to attend lectures in this field, to enhance the social impact of biomaterials by providing worldwide access to emerging technologies in the field to non-specialists and to reinforce INEB’s role as a main international provider of information on biomaterials.

  • Porto de Crianças - Câmara do Porto educational project

    This project started in 2005 and has been developed since. In this project several IBMC•INEB researchers work with primary schools in different topics. The aim of this project is to support the schools in their educational program. Last year the activities were: Gostas de Fungos? Porque é que tenho DNA? Era uma vez…o osso and Sistema Imune: O exército que olha por nós. To see some photos flow us on Facebook and visit our website: